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Erica Lofving, Chief Sustainability Officer, Vintage Wine Estates to speak at IBWSS - San Francisco

Photo for: Erica Lofving, Chief Sustainability Officer, Vintage Wine Estates to speak at IBWSS - San Francisco

Erica Löfving, Chief Sustainability Officer, Vintage Wine Estates, a public wine group based in Santa Rosa, with wineries in CA, WA, Oregon, and Ohio, over 50 brands including spirits, cider, & alternative beverages in the retail & DTC space. 


Erica Löfving will be speaking at the 5th annual International Bulk Wine and Spirits Show on July 26, 2022, in San Francisco on “The changing landscape of sustainability - how new demand on public retailers and producers will affect the whole wine and spirits industry”

Sustainability work in the wine sector has long focused on work in the vineyard and storytelling around what is getting done. This is changing. As consumers are getting more knowledgeable and financial markets are placing new demands on companies, metrics, certifications and numerical goals are increasingly important. If you are a smaller grower, winery, or distiller, perhaps you don’t pay much attention to what the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) mandates of public companies, but the proposed new legislation on climate risk reporting matters to you too. In this plenary, public wine group Vintage Wine Estate’s Chief Sustainability Officer Erica Löfving will talk about how you need to prepare your business for climate reporting, how demand is changing for certified bulk wine, and how you can use sustainability measures to make your company more attractive as a trade partner, employer, and brand.

Image: Vintage Wine Estates

Image: Vintage Wine Estates


Mrs. Löfving left previous career inequities to become one of the most influential Swedish wine writers, followed by several years as a European sustainability consultant in wine retail (Systembolaget) and food supply chains. She has an MSc. in Biology and is a certified Financial ESG Analyst but still is happiest when elbows deep in fermenting juice. 

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